West Ham Concession Agreement

“The general principle of priority is an agreement that all West Ham United competition matches take precedence over all other activities, events or uses of the stadium over the data provided to us by a governing body, in this case the Premier League. If the football season continues beyond May, our matches will go as planned in the stadium. The owners of the London stadium have entered into a dispute with the London law firm Allen and Overy over the development of the 99-year lease of West Ham United. The newspaper quoted a person with knowledge of the situation, LLDC and E20 will claim that the poor drafting of the law firm`s agreement contributed to its difficult relationship with West Ham and a series of disputes over the interpretation of the agreement. Allen-Overy acted for E20 during the development of the 2013 concession agreement, which governs West Ham`s lease for the former Olympic Stadium. A spokesperson for LLDC stated: “We disagree with A-O on the development of the West Ham United concession contract and, despite our attempts to resolve this dispute with A-O, this is not possible.” We have a responsibility to protect the interests of taxpayers, so we have had no choice but to go to court. In this book, we examine the requirements of a valid agreement in accordance with Section 106 and the underlying context of the directive. We also look at practical questions every day about the content of agreements and how to resolve certain issues. Finally, we address the issue of the application of obligations in the event of non-compliance. A spokesperson for LLDC said: “We disagree with A-O on the development of the West Ham United concession contract, and despite our attempts to resolve this dispute with A-O, we have not been able to do so. This put West Ham vice-president Karren – now Baroness – Brady in an almost impenetrable negotiating position with the London Legacy Development Corporation, which, according to the concession agreement, fully exploited it. The contract confirms that West Ham leases only $2.5 million during the 99-year lease, not a cent for the running costs of their new home, including police and administration, pitch maintenance and even door poles, door nets and corner flags – the bill borne by the taxpayer.

The value of these services has been calculated to match what the club pays in rent, which critics say means it got the stadium without rent.