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The Remote Learning Initiative is coming, as more and more public school families in NEWC decide to follow this path. According to the city`s DOE, 42 per cent of students enrolled in apprenticeships and about 422,200 students applied. That`s 366,600 more than August 28, an increase of 15 percent in just two weeks. Decisions regarding the closure of individual school buildings are made in accordance with our COVID 19 protocols and New York State guidelines regarding restrictions in designated COVID-19 areas. You can see if your school is currently in a state-designated orange in the Red Zone using the city`s Covid-19 Finder Zone. The FTU and DOE encourage all students and school staff to be tested at regular intervals during the pandemic. New York will prioritize tests for students and public school staff and promises rapid reporting of test results at 22 test sites in the city. All of these pages are accessible. The LA DOE website lists sites and times of operation of sites that give priority to DOE employees. All DOE employees must bring an ID card and proof of their DOE employment status to be tested. Winter Ventilation Guidelines: The union works with the DOE to ensure that it establishes a number of protocols and practices to keep employees and students safe in the winter. “I think the mayor should have been clear to everyone that while we are going through these periods of decision-making or renouncing online instruction, you need to understand that if you decide to take live classes, your child has to go to school,” Mulgrew said.

Among the protests planned for Monday were teachers from Sunset Park and the Flatbush section of Brooklyn who said they were working outside because they feared they would not be protected from COVID-19s in schools. Teachers also fought with parents in the morning outside murry bergtraum High School in Manhattan. Mulgrew and educators from the five municipalities insist that de Blasio and Chancellor Richard Carranza move to a distance learning method for the coming school year, and point to the problems associated with the test component of the agreement they reached with the city, which prevented the first potential teacher strike in decades. As part of the agreement, de Blasio agreed to personally extend the initial launch date from September 10 to September 21 and to expedite school testing. The mayor insisted that he would meet the 3% standard for school closures, a standard developed with the teachers` union. The World Health Organization standard is 5%, the standard in New York State is 9%. Board of Regents and NYSED “strongly encourage schools and school districts for students who are going to age the school, the opportunity to return to summer school for this year only and, if necessary, you go to school in 2020-2021 to complete their training and obtain a diploma.” www.nysed.gov/common/nysed/files/programs/coronavirus/nysed-covid-19-memo-over-age-students.pdf students and staff members are required to report to the DOE any positive results, either independently or through this random cosvid-19 test program, and to accept that their results be shared with the city`s health services. From the reopening of schools from December 7, 2020, all first-year students or older must submit an authorization form signed by a parent or legal guardian, which gives permission to be tested until the first day each child returns to the school building.